The Magic Square Foundation | A Leeds fashion blog celebrating charity shop fashion

A Leeds fashion blog bringing you the best in charity shop style and thrifty fashion.


Hi! My name’s Eleanor Snare and I run this marvellous blog, The Magic Square Foundation.

My day I work as a writer for an events and communications agency; by night I write freelance, make my own clothes and jewellery, and generally get on with having a good time.

I’ve lived in Leeds since 2009, when I moved here for a History of Art MA. I completed that in 2011, where my dissertation was on fashion blogging and contemporary labour forms.

My writing has appeared nationally and locally, online and on paper – take a look at the In the Press page. I’ve also done a fair bit of presenting on fashion, including at Parsons Design School, New York. This blog was featured as one of Leeds top blogs by the Leeds Guide, and is part of the Guardian Leeds blogosphere list.

Email me on themagicsquarefoundation[at]hotmail[dot]com or find me on Twitter @ebsnare. Come say hello!

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